Welcome Address

Education, in Singapore and around the world, remains the gateway to opportunity - further education, better jobs, and greater life satisfaction. In rapidly changing times, education must remain responsive to advances in technology and increased global understanding. The challenge for continual improvement is evident for teachers and students alike because schools are the catalysts for dynamic changes in youth and society. We must ask ourselves how we can transform teaching to inspire students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The strong synergies among educators, policy makers, and researchers in Singapore provide a special opportunity to examine how teachers meet these challenges. A key to success is the translation of evidence-based effective practices into school-wide programs of curricula, assessments, and pedagogies. Collaboration among stakeholders and leadership from educational experts are crucial for the development of new practices in schools.

The Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference provides a global forum for practitioners, researchers, educational leaders, and policy makers to interact and share leading-edge research and best practices across schools and cultures. Over the years, the conference has established a platform for scholars and practitioners from both the East and West to forge new and innovative directions for educational research and practice. We are confident that the 2011 conference will continue to be a venue for pioneering work across the world.

The Organizing Committee invites proposals to examine multi-disciplinary ideas about educational change, to showcase research from the Asia-Pacific region, and to encourage educators to share and discuss their experiences. The strands of the conference address the full spectrum of grade levels and academic subjects with an overarching focus on transformative practices in classrooms. We invite you to submit proposals that will illuminate how teachers use effective practices and how students learn not only the core concepts of the disciplines but also the skills that strengthen their autonomy, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge. We look forward to your participation in this exciting conference in 2011.

Prof Lee Wing On
Dean, Office
of Education Research

Prof Scott Paris
Head, Centre for Research in
Pedagogy and Practice

Prof Victor Chen
Head, Learning Sciences Laboratory