International Conference
2nd to 4th June 2015

Held in conjunction with

11th International CitizED Conference &
Arts, Humanities and Literature Conference 2015

Welcome Address

The 21st century presents complex educational realities that challenge conventional practices of leadership, values and citizenship education. Leadership is a participative process of leading innovation and change across all levels of the education system: principals, teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders. If educators are to act as agents of change, how and to what extent do we need to redesign our pedagogy to remain relevant? What role should leadership play in the design and implementation of learning environments that promote authentic values and citizenship education for all our students?

The Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference provides a global platform for practitioners, researchers, educational leaders and policymakers to collectively debate and generate creative solutions to these critical questions. This conference offers opportunities for multi-stakeholder interactions, sharing of international leading-edge research and best practices across schools and cultures, and the forging of new and innovative directions for educational research and practice.

For 2015, conference delegates who are interested in values and citizenship education can also opt to attend the Arts, Humanities and Literature Conference 2015 or the 11th International CitizED Conference in addition to the main conference on Day 3. The themes of the conferences are "Live(d) Experiences: Imagination, Wonder and Spaces of I/M/possibilities" and "Citizenship, Character and Values Education for the 21st Century" respectively. With three track options on its final day, we are hopeful that audience engagement will remain charged throughout the conference.

The Organizing Committee invites proposals to examine disciplinary ideas about leaders, values and citizenship in 21st century education. We encourage submission of presentations from all disciplines as the strands of the conference address the full spectrum of grade levels and academic subjects, with an overarching focus on educational leadership, values education and citizenship.

Conference Convenors
Prof David Hung, Head, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, NIE (Singapore)
Assoc Prof Kerry Lee, Head, Education and Cognitive Development Lab, NIE (Singapore)
Assoc Prof Manu Kapur, Head, Learning Sciences Lab, NIE (Singapore)