Call for Abstracts

Redesigning Pedagogy

International Conference 2021

Presentation Format

Abstracts are invited for individual paper sessions, workshops and symposia.

Paper Sessions

Paper Sessions (30 minutes)

Paper sessions are presented by one or more authors. Approximately 30 minutes will be allocated per presentation (including 20 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for Q & A, and 5 minutes for movement of participants from one session to the next).


Symposia (90 minutes)

Symposia are integrated presentations by a team on a specific issue, study or practice. Each symposium should focus on a well-structured theme or a set of inter-related research questions. Within each symposium, each paper presentation provides data or arguments that address those questions. Each symposium submission requires an integrative statement describing the overall theme of the symposium and the connections among the various presentations. If discussants are included in the symposium, they should provide some feedback on the paper presentations or further discussion points for the presenters to respond to.

Each symposium comprises one of the following formats:

  • 1 chairperson, 4 paper presentations with no discussant
  • 1 chairperson, 3 paper presentations with 1 discussant
  • 1 chairperson, 2 paper presentations with 1 or 2 discussants


Workshops (90 minutes)

Workshops provide an opportunity for an extensive discussion and activities between presenter(s) and participants on a specific topic, subject or project. They tend to have a practical or hands-on orientation, and are beneficial for the conduct and in-depth sharing of proven classroom practice and pedagogy.


Posters (applicable to undergraduates and postgraduates only)

Poster sessions provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their research with other scholars in an interactive setting. Poster presentations should provide a clear idea of the topic being addressed, the research questions, methods of data collection and data analysis, and why it is an important topic to study. A poster should rely heavily on graphics to display research results. During the poster session, the presenter(s) is(are) required to be stationed by the poster to answer questions from conference participants.

The poster presentation is to be in the form of a hard-copy printed poster. Further information on the format of posters will be available later on this website. Postgraduate and undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to submit poster abstracts.

Submit an abstract of not more than 350 words in English and include aims, methodology and findings (or its equivalent) to together with authors' details.

Language of Presentation

  • All abstracts submitted must be written in English.
  • Presentations should preferably be in English. However, presenters may choose to present in any of the other languages listed below. The use of language in presentation (other than English) must be clearly indicated in the abstract.
    1. Mandarin
    2. Malay
    3. Tamil

Guidelines on Submission of Abstracts

The abstract (not more than 350 words) must be in English and should include aims, methodology and findings (or its equivalent). Symposia organisers should provide an abstract for each paper presentation in addition to an overall abstract (300-350 words) for the symposium. Please indicate in the abstract if you intend to present your paper in a language other than English.

  • Assessment
  • Informal Learning or Outdoor/Adventure Education
  • Character, Citizenship and Moral Education
  • Cognition, Motivation and Learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Neuroscience
  • Educational Policy Research
  • Humanities and Social Studies Education
  • ICT in Education
  • Language and Literacy Education
  • Learning Sciences
  • Mathematics Education
  • Mother Tongue or Bilingual Education
  • Multimodalities
  • Physical Education & Sports
  • School Change and Leadership
  • Science Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Teacher Quality, Teacher Learning and Development
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Others

Full Paper Submission for Conference Proceedings

As an option, presenters of accepted and presented abstracts for papers and symposia are invited to submit full papers for possible inclusion in the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2021 Proceedings, which will only be made available online at a later date.

Deadline : 29 May 2021

Please download the instructions and template to prepare your paper.
All submissions should be emailed to